Fisher Design has provided workflow management solutions for our clients for almost two decades. We realized many years ago that by integrating workflow management into design and production, we could save our clients more time and frustration by tracking project deliverables and providing real-time reporting of project progress for both global and local initiatives.

Fisher Design PAL is a customizable cloud-based brand asset library and workflow solution. It unifies key stakeholders and approvers, internal production departments, and external vendors within a proven and trusted process to measurably improve the efficiency, accuracy, and accountability.

This workflow solution is both a packaging asset library and project management system, offering components of both. In comparison to other similar offerings, PAL’s library function is more robust because it traps data useful beyond just a description of the asset.

Orbit is a unique commercialization solution that complements product development life cycles. Its customized stage and gate design provide efficiency and visibility across global supply chains. This helps to manage inherently complex processes over, large, diverse teams across timezones and geography. Orbit can be scaled from high-level project milestones to granular, individual tasks and is inherently customizable. The result is a true reduction in the time required to bring products to market.